4 Bedrooms
02 en suites - 1239,46sq.ft

3 Bedrooms
01 en suite - 947,76sq.ft

2 Bedrooms

01 en suite Bedrooms

Making your dream come true

BioBox™ is all about your dream of home ownership. This is because we believe we can participate in its fulfillment and, with our homes, change the lives of many people, turning dreams into reality. The development of BioBox houses involved important investments in time and financial resources, and a long experience in the real estate market, to ensure that the final solution would be high quality, sustainable housing, with a very competitive selling price, and accessible to most families.

Your house ready and delivered to your land

BioBox differs from any other product in the Brazilian real estate market by bringing a completely different solution. Like in the car industry, houses will be created in production lines in a factory and transported to their final destination, with no need for a construction site, and a few hours after delivery, they will be ready to move in.

Quality production, quality housing

BioBox homes will be produced in a factory environment, with industrial precision, high quality materials and the latest technologies. This means that your home will be more resistant, will last longer, and will be much more energy efficient.

Homes the size of your needs

There are 05 versions of BioBox homes, with some customization possibilities. Each layout is designed to offer the best space-comfort ratio and be practical and functional, so that each environment will be used in the best possible way. The industrial process, in addition to allowing scale gain with higher production volume, less waste of raw materials and higher quality in all production stages and the final product, will enable very competitive sales prices for each house version, making them affordable to many more people.

Datasheet and construction details

Get to know every detail of the BioBox Project in our Description Material, which describes everything from the construction details to the houses foundation system.

A sustainable home

In times of increasing concern about the environment, BioBox, aware of its importance, has dedicated a lot of effort and time to the development of their homes, so that they could have the best sustainability solution, offering a better quality of life and the reduction of water and electricity consumption to their residents.

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Assembly of a BioBox House

Invest in a business that will change the Brazilian real estate market

Thanks to the quality of BioBox homes and their very affordable selling prices, which are the result of being manufactured with strict quality control, and short production and installation time, which generates a huge sales potential, not only in Brazil but also abroad. Investing in this new reality is, therefore, certainly being ahead in a large market that is in constant change, where people are much more aware and demanding, requiring better products every day, with high quality, differentials and affordable prices. This happens in all regions of our country.

Construction Companies, Developers and Subdividers

The civil construction of housing is a complex market with high use of labor and limited margins, depending on the market in which the builder operates and the profile of its competitors. Learn more


If you are in the search of a great business and have certain affection for the real estate market, civil construction, or industrial activity, you can become a BioBox licensed.